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Friday, March 28, 2008

"spitzer, spitzer, what did you do?"

apparently some 3-year-olds are more advanced than others. mine, for example, has trouble sorting out the differences between "today" and "next week" and "my birthday." it's all a blur.

other kids, however, are all up to date on the latest on the gubernatorial crisis in albany. watch this clip: here we learn that "everybody at school is talking about" the eliot spitzer scandal. you know, the one in which he paid $80,000 for his friend, Kristen, who was on the show "the girl is wild." the poor governor had to quit before he was peached.

new york city kids are some sophisticated tykes, i tell you what. still. personally, i prefer the
rehash of Star Wars. something about coaching a little girl to describe hookergate smacks of trying a wee bit too hard to get a laugh.


Blogger Christine said...

Maybe he should have let the three year old explain it to his wife. At least it would have sounded cute.

3/29/2008 9:16 AM  
Anonymous Gregg said...

There is something inherently wrong with a 3 year old discussing this!

4/01/2008 4:44 AM  

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