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Thursday, October 14, 2004

remedies that don't do a damn thing to mollify mrs nice guy's unyielding nausea but people feel compelled to recommend every 13 fucking minutes anyway

trust me. these don't work. she still pukes:
  1. ginger ale
  2. hard candies
  3. ginger tea
  4. saltines
  5. ginger hard candies
  6. vitamin b6
  7. ginger-flavored children's chewable vitamin b6
  8. acupressure on her wrists, or anywhere else for that matter
  9. sweet, steamy lovemaking with her ginger-slathered husband
  10. graham crackers
  11. fish tacos, oddly enough
  12. lemons
  13. cinnamon
  14. have i fucking mentioned goddamn ginger yet?
  15. toast
  16. drinking lots of fluids. ok? she's drinking a daily yangtze fucking river of fluids
  17. potatoes, be they mashed, chips, baked or drizzled with ginger
  18. getting plenty of sleep (can't sleep when you're puking, people)
  19. folic acid (really, now, what the fuck?)
  20. apples
  21. yogurt
  22. wheaties

and, for good measure ... : ginger


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you tried gingerbread cookies?

10/14/2004 10:33 PM  
Blogger mr. nice guy said...

no! excellent idea. i will let you know how it goes.

10/14/2004 10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest Prince Harry but that fucking ginger makes me puke and I'm not pregnant.

4/07/2005 8:24 PM  

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