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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

mr. nice guy is a filthy jew

mr. nice guy is strongly considering putting a call in to the anti-defamation league. not only did the OBGYN aggressively practice her love upon his wife, but to heap insult upon affrontery, he was subsequently handed a Genetics Testing Requisition form and told to get checked out for a battery of jew genes.

it seems that, with three out of four jewish grandparents, mr. nice guy may potentially carry the gene for any one of a number of hideous, filthy jew diseases! this is news to me. but, there it is in black and white: mr. nice guy should really go get his "Ashkenazi Jewish Carrier Test" to determine which horrendous early death is in the pipeline for the fruit of his loom (even though, at this late date, it's a moot point since his filthy seed has already been sown).

take for example the gene for "gaucher disease," which results in an enlarged liver, spleen and brain ... and only exists in, oh, one out of every 13 dirty, filthy, despicable jews. dig those odds. then there's tay-sachs disease, which will result in the horribly agonizing jewdeath of my infant before the age of 5. delightful!

still, if there's any disease mr. nice guy actively wishes upon his unborn genetic cesspool, it's got to be bloom syndrome. not so much because he wants his unborn guppy to die painfully of cancer before the age of 30, but because he always did feel a pang of simpatico for the struggles of leopold bloom. but to wish such a fate upon my child would merely be mr. nice guy's misguided attempt at vicariously trying to achieve some propinquity to james joyce ... and that probably wouldn't be right.


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