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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

mrs. nice guy's twitchy chemoreceptor trigger zone

mrs. nice guy really ought to consider patenting her unparalleled puking panache. just this morning, as mr. nice guy was heading out the door, mrs. nice guy polished off her breakfast of almonds and dry toast. he kissed her, ever so gently, on the forehead.

mrs. nice guy: i think i'm going to be glrpruugu u.
mr. nice guy: um. let's move this into the bathroom shall we?
mrs. nice guy: glip.

she almost made it. i have to hand it to her--so dedicated is she in willing herself not to disgorge that mrs. nice guy waits until the inexorable process of reverse peristalsis has begun before she actually starts moving towards the latrine. she's not one to just up and admit defeat so easily. the downside: mr. nice guy and a bottle of lysol got to spend some time getting to know the linoleum before work. mrs. nice guy was tolerably apologetic, but mr. nice guy suspects she is testing his resolve.

a little caveat about mr. nice guy: you up-chuck on his chuck taylors, you better be willing to go the distance. he's not afraid to rhumba!


Blogger Cattiva said...

Cinnammon. Trust me on this. Cinnamon toast in the morning, with just a TINY bit of butter if she doesn't like it dry. It's an old wives tale, but it really works. There's something in the cinnamon that helps calm the stomach. At least maybe you can make it out the door unassaulted.

10/07/2004 10:14 PM  
Blogger mr. nice guy said...

cattiva, you are mr. nice guy's new favorite person.

10/08/2004 12:19 AM  

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