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Monday, April 04, 2005

since U been gone, L-Beezie

i am such a fucking tool.

so i got a new replacement ipod because my old one died a slow and hideously painful death. i now know the awful pains of watching a a dearly loved one die. poor ipod, you're in a better place now. anyway since i had only owned my dearly departed pod for a few months, apple, which is a very good company, gave me a new one FOR FREE. yay. no more sitting ipod shiva.

on friday night after dinner, i thought i would plug my spanking new virginal ipod goodness into my computer and fill it up with all my songs. and while the new tunes uploaded i was going to round the corner to check out a little show i had been greatly looking forward to: lyrics born. callin' out. holla.

anyway. it was a good friday night plan: plug in the new ipod, go to show. come home with 5000 sparkling musical gems ready to spackle my earholes.

HOW FOOLISH. i plug in new ipod. first my computer freezes. so i get it started back up. then itunes melts down. THEN ALL MY SONGS DISAPPEAR! did you catch that? Songs! Disappear! NO MORE SONGS. this feels to me very much like having a cardiac arrest in the middle of a stroke while enduring hemorrhoids and a grand mal seizure. THEN just to squeeze a little lemon into my festering open wound, my computer refuses to recognize my ipod. i was enraged and obsessed -- it was ON. i refused to budge until this whole musical meltdown was fixed. friday night be damned! meanwhile, lyrics born was rocking the shit out of the mic right around the corner from my house. i was missing it! i didn't care! i would not even blink again until this mess was sorted out.

it took me three hours of troubleshooting and programming and praying but finally i got everything fixed. it was 1:30 by the time i blinked again. i figured by that point i had missed the show. which i REALLY wanted to see. but if i had left my house with my ipod situation in limbo i would have been distracted and annoyed and thoroughly unable to appreciate the lyrical mastery and tongue twisting delivery style of sir L-to-the-B. dear reader, i went to bed feeling victoriant. ipod had been restored, show be damned.

then it dawned on me ...

that was probably my last chace to see a decent concert not prominently featuring a purple dinosaur for the next, oh, 18 years.


Blogger Wirthy said...

At first, my computer refused to recognize my iPod, but then I got it drunk and it accepted my iPod with no problems.

4/04/2005 1:06 AM  
Blogger Moo Moo said...

Oh holy crap.. that was so funny... I love the Ipod, but I have to wrestle with the hubby to get to use the damned thing, we got the "special" u2 version since we are obsessed with them. It's nice, but pricey.

4/05/2005 2:06 AM  
Anonymous gerah said...

Wow, you're eyeballs must have been burning and dry that night.

I just caught myself laughing out loud while reading your post. I looked around to make sure no one heard me, then realized no one is home except for a napping baby. Oh, and the blasted cat. Darn cat.

My husband hates me cause I won't let him get an ipod till he pays off his credit card debt. ipods are a sore subject in this house.

4/05/2005 1:08 PM  
Anonymous gerah said...

I meant to say, "your" eyeballs, not you're. I hate bad grammar use by myself.

4/05/2005 6:54 PM  

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