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Saturday, March 12, 2005

apparently, i'm very big in canada

greetings to all my new readers in beautiful ottowa. all, well, probably none of you. we have only one groundrule here at chateau nice guy: keep the floors clean and your mouths dirty.

UPDATE: MY GOD i am a fool. an ANIMAL! forgive me, poor ottawan friends. forgive me, my tiny minions, those whose lives have surely been ruined since that thoughtless moment i shamefully misspelled the hallowed name of your great home-place. please. i am supine, begging forgiveness from you, my canadian beloved. i do love you. please! ... keep reading. please. wait! where are you going? but ... but, i love you! don't go! i shall debase myself further if you think that'll help. oh. i am so, so, so, sorry ... dearest jehovah, make the pain go away!


Anonymous janmann said...

...but apparently you can't spell Ottawa! Never mind, I'm from western Canada anyways, so what do I care. I love your sight, though. You're hilarious. Hope all is well with Mrs. Nice Guy and Squidbaby.

3/15/2005 6:41 PM  

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