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Monday, February 14, 2005

mr nice guy hearts you

memo to alanis morissette: isn't it ironic that the tradition of valentine's day began in A PRISON? don't you think?

ah, Love, my warden. you are the jailor that keeps me in this fetid cell.

i'm lovin' it

as a token of his affection, mr nice guy has a little (non-morissette) song for you, fuzzy readers! think of this as my love letter to all three of you--please be mine. this is a new favorite ditty, and if i weren't severely mentally deficient, i would post an actual mp3 here. instead, you get lyrics and nothing more.

this song has a deep, special meaning for mr nice guy this particular year. it touches me. it's about me, really. and mrs nice guy, bless her tiny heart, may not quite be able to relate to it today, but i fear she will. oh yes. she will. it is called "my son calls another man daddy" and it goes a little something like this. a one and a two and a one, two, three:

Tonight my head is bowed in sorrow
I can't keep the tears from my eyes
My son calls another man daddy
The right to his love I've been denied.

My son calls another man daddy
He'll ne'er know my name nor my face
God only knows how it hurts me
For another to be in my place.

Each night I laid there in prison
I pictured a future so bright
For he was the one ray of sunshine
That shone through the darkest of nights.


Today his mother shares a new love
She just couldn't stand my disgrace
My son calls another man daddy
And longs for the love he can't replace.

ah, valentine's day! who doesn't love it? may all of you get a little piece of your february freak on.


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