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Thursday, February 21, 2008

is this where the wild things are?

whoa. could this possibly be an actual screentest from the Where the Wild Things Are movie? one can only hope. spectacularly exciting:

(hat tip to gf.)

UPDATE: an observant reader kindly points out this annoying news to us. Annoying.


Blogger Menchuvian Candidate said...

Exciting? Yes. Disappointing to someone who thought maybe, just maybe, she was going to hear something about the spawn check? Yes. Unless the newest ultrasounds are this clear, in which case, well, uh, quite a world the missus has in there, huh?

2/21/2008 2:28 PM  
Blogger Simon said...

It's test footage. The monster's face will be CGI and the boy isn't the one who was finally cast. Hear it from the horse's (well, the director's) mouth here:

2/22/2008 3:34 AM  
Blogger mr. nice guy said...

thanks simon, did see that yesterday. also found out that dave eggers has a hand in the script, which i can't help thinking is kind of a bummer.

2/22/2008 10:59 AM  

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