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Monday, December 13, 2004

there are only so many ways to say vomit

mr nice guy just read somwhere that a key to writing a good blog is to post as often as you eat. dude, who has that kind of time? mr nice guy is terrible at keeping up with the updates, i know this. but ... no one out there seems to notice or care. there's only so many things that can be said about projectile vomition and rioting hormones anyway.

that said, mrs nice guy actually made it out of the house for social occasions on TWO consecutive days this weekend. dinner. brunch. an afternoon movie. my goodness, mr nice guy barely remembered how nice it is to be married to a human.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Married to a human....? Mr. Nice Guy isn't going to be married to anything for much longer if he doesn't start saying nicer things about the missus.

--Nice Guy, Mrs.

12/14/2004 7:53 PM  
Blogger mr. nice guy said...

you may be human, but i'm apparently the one in the dog house. BA DUM DUM! thank you folks, i'll be here all week. don't forget to tip your waitress. hey, waitress! want a tip? don't play with matches! BOOYA!

12/16/2004 10:03 AM  

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