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Thursday, November 11, 2004

pregnancy, 16 frothy ounces at a time

ok, so you want to see the belly at 12 weeks? i'll show you the goddamn belly at 12 weeks. here:

at least i get a seat on the subway Posted by Hello

i just don't need to hear about it. i ... i'm feeling a little sensitive about the weight we've put on, ok? mr nice guy is losing his girlish figure, true, but what do you expect from a fellow when he's drinking eating for three? damn sure mrs nice guy ain't keeping anything down. so it falls to me to pack on the pounds, dig? it's a struggle, but you know what? when little baby labatts is born it'll be all worthwhile.

what's that? oh. if it's a girl we're naming her stella. stella artois.


Blogger Cattiva said...

You're a good man for taking care of the family so well. Bless you Saint nice guy.

11/11/2004 4:58 PM  

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