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Friday, May 02, 2008

sex and the mommy!

the new york post, that paragon of american journalism -- the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh columns all rolled into one -- has a groundbreaking report today: one-third of moms have cheated! what?! at scrabble, right?

oh noes! the same amount -- just 36 percent -- say they're still attracted to their husbands. the rest would apparently rather bone george clooney (well, who wouldn't?) or, um, barack obama.
least reassuring quote: "the desire to have desire [for their husbands] is there."

ladies, please stop reading now.

seriously, gals. go away.


ok, gents. so i sent that story to my friend dan. his response? "they harangue you to get married and then...they cheat!" ah hahahaha! ahaha HAH ahHAHA hah HA!!!! ha! ha. hee. heh. huh. hmmm.

(i am never going to get any love again, am i?)


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