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Friday, September 28, 2007

something we can all get behind

dear lady in the park feeding your 3 year old multiple bags of delicious, nutritious doritos: i am sorry that i offended people by calling you fat. they're right. that was probably uncalled for. mostly because it detracted from my actual point: i don't hate you for being zaftig, long may you live! i hate you for feeding my kid something (anything) without asking first. i think i might be able to get over it though. somehow.

here. how about something we can all agree on? from the news: new york's own fair Mayor Mike's company
is being sued by the equal opportunity employment commission for "a pattern or practice of demoting and reducing the pay of female employees after they announced their pregnancies and after they took maternity leave." holy shit!

i, for one, am against discrimination. even against pregnant women. i just think it's wrong. am i right?

just trying to reduce my asshole footprint here ... i know, i know. too late.


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